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December 13 & 14 in Philly Support OpenNews!


SRCCON:POWER will explore how we as a community can make journalism more inclusive, representative, and responsive. This is a brand-new event where we’ll spend two days exploring the power dynamics in journalism and technology. We want this program to:

Schedule Overview

Our full schedule is now online!

Our schedule will include two types of sessions: talks that present research on power in newsrooms, communities, and tech; and participatory sessions where small groups can dig deeper into those themes. We’ll provide live transcription of the talks as they take place, and make sure breakout sessions are a space for more private conversations.

A Schedule That Respects Community

SRCCON:POWER is organized around shared experiences. We build the schedule in way that prioritizes connecting with other participants and collaboration on plans to push for change in our organizations and communities.

We’ve built in generous breaks so that you can continue conversations without rushing to the next thing. Lunch as a group provides for space to rest, spend time with distant friends, or discuss new topics as they emerge. Dinner on Thursday evening will give you a chance to connect with people wrestling with the same problems you are.

We want SRCCON:POWER to feel less like a small conference and more like a big cohort. We hope you’ll find new colleagues, champions, collaborators in every space and leave SRCCON:POWER with new ideas and new relationships. When you take on the work of bringing change to your newsroom, it helps to know you have a community supporting you.

About Our Talks

Talks will open both our days at SRCCON:POWER, send us off to dinner on Thursday night, and bring us back from lunch Friday. SRCCON events are all about participation and conversation, and these are no different—we’ll get a chance to hear about research into the way power operates in our work, then follow up with time for Q&A. We’ve asked speakers to challenge us, because solutions to systemic problems won’t come from the ways we’ve approached journalism in the past.

Our speakers at SRCCON:POWER will include:

We’ll share live transcripts of each talk as it takes place.

About Our Sessions

Sessions at SRCCON events are highly collaborative: an opportunity to compare notes, share skills, and take advantage of every attendee’s expertise. We learn best when we learn from each other, and we want you to share ideas and start projects that live on beyond this event.

See the sessions on the SRCCON:POWER program.