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December 13 & 14 in Philly Apply to attend!

We’re so excited to start sharing the program for SRCCON:POWER! We’ll publish the official schedule soon, but you can jump right into how the program will work and the list of sessions coming to Philly. If you see something that gets you excited about joining us, the attendee form is still open!

Curious about how all this works? Learn more about sessions and participation at SRCCON:POWER.

When & Where

December 13 & 14 in Philadelphia, at the Science History Institute (formerly the Chemical Heritage Foundation, home of SRCCON:WORK and SRCCON 2014).

You’ll find information about our conference hotel block and more on the SRCCON:POWER logistics page.


SRCCON:POWER is a two-day conference on December 13 & 14 to investigate how power operates in our newsrooms, in our relationships with communities, and in the algorithms and technologies that are reshaping our work. Through talks and hands-on sessions, 125 participants will work together to understand the power and responsibility we have in using technology to inform and engage.

This event builds on SRCCON 2018, which included many sessions on journalism’s relationship with communities, and SRCCON:WORK, about how we support each other and collaborate within newsrooms. With SRCCON:POWER, we’ll explore the dynamics that underly these relationships as well as how power informs decision-making within design and development.

Participants will leave with a deepened understanding of power at a technological, organizational, and societal level, as well as strategies for how we can strengthen our collective work to make journalism more equitable.

Who participates and how?

This is an event for anyone interested in better understanding how power operates at the intersection of journalism and tech. We’re looking for folks with insights—gathered through research, life experience, or otherwise—in how power structures influence the work and efficacy of journalism. Participants will have the opportunity to spend two days with colleagues who are interested in increasing equity and bringing transparency to the systems of power that inform journalism and how we approach this work.

If you’ve been to SRCCON before, have never been, or have never even heard of SRCCON, we’re excited for you to participate! We will invite folks to attend the event through a call for participation application form. The deadline for session proposals and scholarship applications is past, but we’ll keep the form open for attendees as long as we can.

How much does it cost?

Tickets will cost $225, plus ticketing fees.

What’s next?

Stay in touch by following @SRCCON and find out about upcoming deadlines by joining our mailing list. If you have a specific question, feel free to reach out.