December 13 & 14 in Philly Support OpenNews!


SRCCON:POWER is a small conference with a program that digs deeply into how power animates our work and decisionmaking at the intersection of journalism and technology. It builds on the collaborative, peer-driven conference SRCCON, where over five years we have brought hundreds of members of the news-code community together for hands-on sessions exploring the cultural and technical ideas that push journalism forward. Our events attract the best newsroom developers, designers, and data analysts for two days of thinking, working, and building together.

Sponsors help us make SRCCON:POWER unique and accessible by keeping our ticket price well below cost, getting people to the event, and bringing in the special touches that make SRCCON… SRCCON.

We offer several levels of sponsorship in order to accommodate a variety of sizes of companies and organizations. Below you’ll see some of our recent offerings. These may evolve as we plan for this unique event, but this will give you an idea of the type of sponsorships we may offer. Email us to talk about options!

Partnership Sponsors

Our partnership sponsors are core supporters who make everything about SRCCON:POWER possible. Partnership Sponsorship may include:

Partnership Sponsors also take part in SRCCON:POWER, but not by sitting behind a booth. Instead, Partnership Sponsors attend and participate right alongside everyone else. This is an opportunity to enmesh yourself in this community by being a partner in the work instead of a salesperson. Being a Partnership Sponsor is a unique opportunity to engage with the vibrant community of people changing journalism for the better. Not sure who to send? We are happy to work with you to find the best people to get the most out of SRCCON.

Accessibility Sponsors

Our Accessibility Sponsors help make our events welcoming to as many as possible. We have four Accessibility Sponsor slots available:

Accessibility Sponsors may receive:

Meal or Snack Sponsors

At our events, we want people thinking about the amazing sessions and community, not where their next meal is coming from, so we feed all our participants lunch and snacks. Help get people fed by becoming a Meal or Snack Sponsor. We have two sponsorships available:

Lunch or Snack Sponsors may receive:

Local Media Sponsors

Local Media Sponsorship is open only to media companies from the Philadelphia area. Local Media Sponsors may receive:

Event Sponsors

Becoming an event sponsor is a great way to support SRCCON:POWER. Event Sponsors may receive:

Supporting Sponsors

Want to support SRCCON:POWER on a budget? Our Supporting Sponsorship level lets you help make it happen! Supporting Sponsors may receive:

Other ways to support SRCCON:POWER

We also welcome support from individuals and smaller organizations! Opportunities include:

If you would like to sponsor SRCCON:POWER with one of the above packages, or would like to talk about a custom sponsorship, please send us a note.